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We are India’s Leading Amusement Games Manufacturing Company

We are Rich Amusement – India’s one of most preferred amusement games manufacturing company. We offer state-of-the-art amusement games with world standard quality. All our games are result of years of research, inovation & deep technical advancement.

Want to Earn More!

Hammer X-Treme is waiting for you.

India's #1 Hammer Game

One of the most innovative product which is leading the indstries

People Just Love It

Magnificent lighting effects and an attractive pattern that people just fall in love with

FEC's Top Tier Game

First choice among the gamers looking to have fun

Most Popular Among Teenagers

Teenagers are eager to beat each other; they will play more toshows their strength

A Top Earner

Earned over INR 12 lakh/year in several test locations


Overall rating for 2018is 4.5 out of 5

Other Top Selling Games

Speed N’ Win

Speed n’ WIN is a perennial crowd-pleaser with a large player following and remains a top pick for any entertainment venue...

Jungle Mania

Jungle mania is big fun at great price. A low profile cabinet allowing you to fill that one space in your venue...

Speed X-Treme

Speed X-TREME is a perennial crowd-pleaser with a large player following and remains a top pick for any entertainment venue...

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Why Rich Amusement?

Good ROI

Games produced by Rich are best when it comes Return on Investiment (ROI).

High-Tech Technology

From drawing to fabrication we use latest technology to get world-class quality.

Incredible Designs

All our games are at par or even superior in terms of quality, design and aesthetics.

Customer First Approach

When you buy games from Rich you can be sure of full support and assistance.

Custom Games

Our exceptional capabilities in designing, producing and delivering high quality custom games have enabled us to serve many reputed high profile companies.

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